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Jurassic Party

Jurassic Party

Jurassic Party came to Goldfields! 1st July shows from 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm.

14 different species is coming to Goldfields turning the centre into a Jurassic Party.

1 frog.

1 turtle.

7 different species of lizard..

3 snakes

1 fresh water croc and 1 salt water croc…

They will be going through each critter explaining how it is that they get through life being able to use different tricks and or methods that will help them to be able to get the food they need and not become food to other animals….

They will be walking amongst the crowds with these critters allowing to touch and get up close and personal ….

all are very hands on accept the frog and the gecko as they are very fragile…


we will be pulling people from the crowds to help us with some of these animals….



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