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About Shaw's Meats

A family business with 45 years experience. Employing local people and supporting the community.
We are passionate about choosing the quality of an animal’s life ahead of cheaper and less humane alternatives. 
We want to supply our customers with delicious meat, excellent choices and tasty prepared meals for your family when you are short on time.
  • We stock both certified free range poultry and free range certified organic poultry. 
  • Our Lamb is from Tasmania and is free range, grass fed and finished. 
  • Our Beef is free range, grass fed & finished. 
  • Our Pork is Australian Certified Humane. 
  • All of the above is antibiotic & hormone free.
We stock a wide range of Gluten Friendly Products. We label all items that have mixed ingredients that are Gluten Friendly, but if you are unsure please ask our staff.
 Len and Bev Shaw are both from farming families and appreciate the agricultural side of the industry. 
Each year we compete in the Sausage King Competition.  We think it is a great way to let you know how our products compare. We have managed to win more than 30 awards for our sausages since 2001. 
In 2016 we won the ‘Country Retail Excellence  & Shop of the Year Award’ for the best regional butcher shop in Qld.
These competitions are run by the Australian Meat Industry (AMIC), and are judged by our industry peers.      
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